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100percent organic products in a digital life

A more modern solution for a better shopping

The development of the Internet has completely changed the way we shop. The benefits of online shopping are encouraging more and more people to use and make changes to their regular shopping patterns. The features and nature of online shopping have become more in tune with our growing moods and needs. We are all working hard for our personal and collective progress

 important activities such as shopping and commuting has become a priority for many people. Human intelligence persuades them to act wisely and in accordance with today’s standards by changing old and inefficient patterns of living conditions. Spending free time for fun, education, exercise, enjoying personal interests, and relieving daily fatigue are more important than time-consuming and less important activities such as shopping.

It should be noted that currently the Balvaneh online store has no sales representative anywhere in the country except the central unit located in Babolsar, and all services throughout the country are provided only in this center


About Balvaneh
Balavaneh, has expanded its product by putting the production of high quality and healthy products at the forefront, and it has been able to provide a special place for itself in the country`s food industry by using the knowledge of its experts.Effective purposefulness and planning ,faith and determination to achieve the set goals ,employing experienced workforces and using new methods are among the effective factors of Balvaneh strategy.